CLJ Commons

CLJ Commons is a community-led project to build up the supporting infrastructure around Clojure to make it a better experience for people new to Clojure, as well as existing Clojurists.

Current Goals


We have set up a meta-repository where you can file issues for projects you want CLJ Commons to adopt, or if you're interested in joining as a maintainer for a project that is dear to your heart.

You can read more about our process for accepting projects and how we expect projects to be maintained.


You can see an auto-generated list of projects we maintain with their current maintainers.

Who's Involved?

The CLJ Commons leadership team is made up of Erik Assum, Daniel Compton, and Sean Corfield. Adopted projects are maintained by many members of the Clojure community, and you could be one of them!


Please don't hesitate to contact us on the #clj-commons channel on the Clojurians slack.

Long Term Goals

In addition to the current goals of maintaining projects, we would also like to be able to contribute in the following ways: